What will you learn ?



The instant that you save your seat, you get immediate access to these life changing tools right away by watching this POWERFUL replay! 

This is a 1 hour hypnotic experience.

This is NOT a time management system.

It's so easy I could explain it in one sentence.

But nobody would do it.

By the end of this training you will have the things I tell you about below 👩🏼‍🎓 ...

AND you will experience a powerful hypnosis session that programs you to ACTUALLY DO WHAT YOU WILL LEARN...

So this doesn't become one more thing you sign up for and never use. 

The Most Comfortable Place in Your Home.

Learn this mind magic 🔮 from the comfort of your own home. 

Most people like to have their camera on because it gives them a sense of connection. 

You're also welcome to stay anonymous and keep your camera off during the event. 

The choice is entirely yours. 


Who this training is for...

What if it could be EASY ?

This workshop is NOT a way to make more money...

...however you will learn how to invest in the things that really matter and help you feel accomplished and abundant

...stop wasting time on useless tasks and learn to invest into yourself, your loved ones and what truly matters

It is NOT a task-management system to become MORE productive.

We are actually going to learn how to stop trying (and failing) to control everything...

...leave stress behind and have more time to take more care of me.

Learn to feel worthy of an abundant lifestyle that helps you re:connect with your childlike glee, your intuition and your sense of freedom.

It is NOT about Doing or Having more...

...it's an opportunity for you to learn how by BEING YOU more fully, life will respond and give you more of what you truly want...

...and need.



If you feel ready to finally start enjoying life on your terms...


This event is for you !



What you get...

  • VIP access to the live, 60 minutes BLISS SWITCH Hypnosis Protocol even that lets you forget about your to-do list and take back time ⏳
    $222 value
  • Enjoy more free time and do what you love doing 💖
  • Regain control and get out of freeze mode 🥶
  • Win the day 🎯 and let mindless tasking fall to the floor
  • Start actually enjoying life 😃